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My name is Ivan Ilagan...

I'm a Photographer/Filmmaker/Digital Media Producer based in Los Angeles, CA. I've had the pleasure to work with some of the most elite Automotive brands and continually collaborate with other creative minds within this Industry. With that being said, many of the principles and lessons I've learned throughout my professional years working with cars, I have been able to implement in a plethora of new projects. 

I have always been interested in finding new and innovative ways of exploring the possibilities between brands and consumers. Striking a balance with entertainment and a narrative approach to expand brand recognition and apprehension.


My goal with every single project is to connect consumers to brands/products/services through visual storytelling. Utilizing my background with Advertising and Marketing in the Automotive Industry and understanding of the digital world. Combined, this has given me the credibility and comprehension of the ever changing ways individuals consume content. 

I have extensive experience with Commercial Photography/Directing and Film/Video Production. In addition, my aptitude with Brand Management, and Social Media gives my clients the confidence to strategically implement unique ways to influence end users. 

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